Marketing Manager and advertising
Zimin Anastasia
+7(905) 180-00-66
+7(347) 292-77-17 EXT. 2003

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LLC "Kar-Vit"

Marketing specialist
Bazanova Olga
+7(925) 425-30-15
+7(495) 510-25-25

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LLC "Belfarmacia"

marketing Specialist
Alexander Glushkov
+7(909) 200-95-27
+7(472) 258-57-42 EXT. 118

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State Unitary Enterprise of Moscow

Deputy head of the press service of
Georgy Timakov
+7(919) 784-10-24
+7(495) 950-42-68

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LLC "Nevis"

Glazyrina Irina
+7(916) 282-45-04
+7(423) 243-42-01

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LTD. "with me KOVOSVIT Mas"

Vladimir Kosilov
+7(926) 440-14-89
+7(495) 213-13-20

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JSC "Plant of ceramic products"

Head of Department
Roman Sokolov
+7(965) 505-05-98
+7(343) 295-76-05

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Administration of Sochi city

the Representative of city administration
Klonowska Olga
+7(918) 307-44-84
+7(8622) 66-06-06

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Structure of company
Honorary President
General Director
Art Department
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Застройка выставочных стендов в Москве Застройка выставочных стендов в Москве Застройка выставочных стендов в Москве Застройка выставочных стендов в Москве
Выставочные стенды Выставочные стенды Выставочные стенды Выставочные стенды
Экспострой Экспострой Экспострой Экспострой

EXPOSTROY is one of the most dynamically developing companies on the exhibition market. We are engaged in the design, development and manufacture of exhibition stands, interior decoration, creating a theatrical and stage decorations for various events. We have gathered the best professionals in their field, many of whom have extensive experience - over 10 years. The main activity of the company – production of exclusive exhibition stands. Large production capacity allows us to offer a wide range of concepts for solving Your problems, whether it is a presentation of a new product or attract a specific audience.

EXPOSTROY is a great creative team and inexhaustible imagination of professionals. We offer many creative solutions for even the most pretentious taste. The company's managers are well-versed in the technical side, that allows to solve any tasks set by the client. It is important to "keep the brand", so we always monitor the quality of work, adhere to the deadlines. For us there is no concept of "small time", in the sense that we have never been frightened a short time of project implementation. We are always ready to get to work and to perform it in the best possible way.

Company EXPOSTROY goes towards each client. Depending on the objectives of the client, we will develop a unique design project at an affordable price. Own production base allows to realize any creative ideas of designers and highly qualified specialists of our production make every effort to ensure that You are satisfied with the investment of their funds.